The time has finally come


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Welcome to our 1.14.4 SMP Beta Release

20% Off Everything Grand Opening Sale

We are very excited to announce that we are officially live with our beta survival server! We aim to provide an engaging multiplayer experience for everywhere. The main focus of our server is the economy aspect, and we've spent countless hours tweaking a balanced selling system where you can sell almost every item in the game through /sell. Our currency for buying and selling items are gold coins, which are digital, not to be confused with physical gold blocks or ingots. There are multiple other ways of earning coins such as selling items directly to players through our Auction House. You may also sell large quantities of items through Player Shops, which can be rented out monthly and must be renewed every month in order to keep your spot. If you're feeling lucky you can visit our Casino and bet coins through single-player and multi-player games. Most items on the server must be found by you or earned through trading with others, but we do have a Server Market with a limited amount of purchasable items like spawners, food, dyes and more.

Our only website and server IP is DETOX.GG
We can't wait to see you on!
NOTE: Since we are using the latest version of Minecraft (1.14.4), there will be inevitable bugs that will occur. We've tried our hardest to mitigate most of them, especially game-breaking ones. If you come across a bug/glitch please feel free to post it in our Forums or on our Discord server.