StormyGames_03(Izzi) Helper Application


New member
Minecraft Username: StormyGames_03
Age: 17
Discord Tag: Izzi#2003
Timezone: Detroit EST

Which server do you play on? Og or Peaceful? Peaceful
Approximately how long have you been playing Minecraft? 8years
Approximately how long have you been playing on Detox Network? I have played before but since recent about 2 weeks I believe (not positive)
How active are you on the Server? Everyday
How active are you on the Discord? I check it throughout the day
How active are you on the Forums? I check them every other day

Open-Ended Questions

Why do you want to become a Staff Member? I really enjoy the community on the server and I would like to be a bigger part of it. I would love to help out other players on their own gameplay.
Why do you think you are suitable for this role? I am young but I do have an authoritative role. I am captain of both my color guard team and bowling team. ( this isn’t to boast I apologize if it seems that way)
What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? I am very understanding when it comes to problems but I do not know how to sort out my own.
Do you have any previous experience as a Staff Member or anything alike? I do. Unfortunately the server has been shutdown due to loss of funding. I was a moderator for 3 years. I also work part time (about 35hr/week) at a local hardware store.
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