Smart Hoppers

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Smart Hoppers
  • - Use - /hopper get (number) confirm - to get x amount of smart hoppers
  • - To remove the hopper you need to shift + left click it but will keep all the upgrades when broken.
Hopper Menu
- Punch the hopper when placed to bring up the menu (left click)
- All hopper upgrades cost money

- The chest shows the maximum number of chests this one hopper can be linked too. You can increase the number by punching the chest but the max link is 10 chests.
  • - The hopper is how many items can be transferred every 1.5 seconds. Punch the hopper to increase this amount. It starts from 8 item and can be upgraded to 64 items.

  • - The beacon is how far items can be away from the hopper to be sucked into the hopper. This radius starts from 2 and can be maxed out to 8 by punching the beacon. Although, the hopper is included into this radius and therefore technically makes the max to be 7 even if the hopper says it's 8.

  • - Last upgrade is the compass and that tells you how far your chests can be to be linked to the hopper. The limit is 200 blocks, if the compass is fully upgraded.
- Below the chest is a portal head where you can link/unlink your chests. Punch the head to link up the chests and right click the head to unlink your chests. The chests can be up to 200 blocks away from your smart hopper if the compass is maxed out.
  • - Under the hopper is the black/white list toggle. You can toggle between the two by right clicking. Punch the head when you want to black/white list an item and all you do is click the said item in your inventory and it will translate into the list, you won’t lose any items during this process, but make sure you use the correct list for the purpose you want.
    • - Black listing: Means you Don’t Want x item to be sucked into the hopper
    • - White listing: Means you Want x item to be sucked into the hopper
- Under the beacon is toggle suction where you punch to toggle on and off. It is automatically enabled and will begin transferring items as soon as it’s linked to at least one chest. Toggling it off will prevent the hopper from transferring items.
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