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Due to our servers being updated to 1.16.5 we have had to change our sell wand plugin. This means we were unable to give you the chance to use any old sell wands before we had to eventually change anyway, that being said we are giving you the chance to exchange any unused sell wands for a new one for free!

For us to work most efficient we are asking you to copy this format below and fill it in with all the correct information!
Minecraft username:
Server: (OG/Peaceful)
PlayerVault # or chest xyz coordinates in overworld:
Number of uses remaining for each wand in the PV/chest:

Please note this may take up to 48hrs to be exchanged due to timezones, school and work schedules so please do be patient and if you do not give use the correct information this will prevent you from getting any new wands!

The new sell wand is a diamond hoe and the old one is an enchanted diamond hoe to clear up confusion

Please respond on this forum with the format above. You comment will be deleted when the switch is in progress/finished.
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