Sebas_cool Helper application

General Info

Minecraft Username: sebas_cool
Age: 18
Discord Tag: sebas_cool#7212
Timezone: CET (Belgium)

Which server do you play on? Og or Peaceful?
I spend all my time on Og, but if asked for help I’ll join peaceful too, I myself have often asked a mod or helper on peaceful when there was none online on Og. I currently am rank IX on Og and also purchased Knight from the shop.

Approximately how long have you been playing Minecraft?

I bought the game on PC in 2014 and started playing online in 2015, before I had the game on PC I used to play the PE (now called bedrock) version.

Approximately how long have you been playing on Detox Network?

I joined the server at the end of June 2020

How active are you on the Server?

I play at least 3 hours daily, on days when I’m free I play up to 6 hours.

How active are you on the Discord?

While I’m playing I always have my discord open, I also have the app so I can receive messages when I’m not online.

How active are you on the Forums?

To be honest, not very active. The first time I used the Forums was to publish this. But if asked I’ll gladly be more active on the Forums.

Open-Ended Questions

Why do you want to become a Staff Member?

I want to be become a staff member because I miss helping people out and I strongly believe I can help the server. During the times I play most there are no staff members online for me (on Og). I believe that during those times I could be a great help to the community. I’ve also helped staff out by reporting players that in my eyes acted suspiciously, in most cases those players ended up with a warning.
I always try to help people when they got questions on the server and I would love to help them while being a real staff member.

Why do you think you are suitable for this role?

I think I’m suitable for this role because I have previous experience as a staff member and I know what it is like to help the community. In real life I’m a surf/sail instructor during summer and I’m quite sure this helps me a lot with the way I interact with people, this is because during those lessons I come across a lot of people and I go along with all of them quite well.

What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

One of my greatest strengths overall is that I can remain calm, even when people start acting annoyingly against me or others I’ll still treat them with respect. Judging from this I could also say that I am a respectful person. Another strength of mine is that I will always get the job finished even when it is boring for me.
Another strength for me is the languages I speak, the server also has quite a big player base that speaks Dutch, My first language is dutch. I also speak and can write French and German well (I learned that in school the past 8 years because Belgium officially has 3 languages). English is like a second language for me, finished my last year of high school with 87%.

I think it’s quite hard for me to find my weaknesses but if I have to give some it would be that I’m quite a shy person when I’m not in my comfort zone.

Do you have any previous experience as a Staff Member or anything alike?

Yes, In early June of 2016 I joined a server called it was at that time an anarchy server but the owner wanted to reform the server into a build friendly no hacks allowed server. That’s when I became an admin early December of 2016. I was an admin on there up until that server closed in I believe it was September 2017. A few months later the owner of the previous server contacted me if I wanted to be staff on his new server, the IP was That server was nearly exactly the same as Detox network and most of the plugins too. So I wouldn’t need much explanation if I became a staff member because I know how most of the commands work. I was an Admin and Discord Admin on Archosaur network from 2017 up until December 2019 when the server closed. Like I said earlier I also am a surf/sail instructor in real life so I’m good with having a lot of responsibilities.

Thank you for reading my application If more information is needed please contact me on Discord, I hope to hear from you soon.
Also, I like pineapple, however not on pizza :)

Best regards,
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Thank you for taking your time to apply for helper. Unfortunately we won't be accepting your helper application for now. Please do not reapply for at least 2 weeks. Since you applied we have also changed our application format slightly so do check that out if you consider reapplying.

If you would like to know how to improve your helper application for next time feel free to direct message me on discord. I am happy to help!

Thank you, Jadz