my ban appeal

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ign: poofart69

date of ban: 4/20/2018

reason for ban: nothing

i think that i should be unbanned because i didnt do anything wrong the only hack that i ever turned on was moonwalk and ping spoofing i am really sorry oops i forgot auto sprint

it wasnt actually me it was my little brother which you should ban his name is XxX_The_Mouse_Killer69_Xx thanks but pleese actually it was him i decided

my little sister was also on my acout and she really wanted to hack so she downloaded the pinecone client along with the mods

i am also from planet mincraft and your server passed the anticheat dettecton so i need op to finalizze the tewsts plz ok thx

edit; my mum said that she would call the goverment on you if you dont unban me



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Hi Casanova.

If you would like to make a genuine appeal on your ban, then we will consider it according to our protocol, however I am closing this thread, as you are not prepared to take it seriously yet.

Please consider if you really would like to continue playing on detox, and if you would, create a proper appeal ticket.
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