MN_14's Helper Application

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GMT+1 (Endland)

How many hours weekly can you commit to the server?:

On school days i can do 2-5 Hours on weekends (depends how much homework) 3-7 Hours

Any previous staff experience? (Be specific):

I have been a Mod on a small factions server for 6 months but there was not many people to help because the server allowed 10 alts
So most the player base were alts. Ive also been a Admin/Co-owner on my friends server for about a year that was a kit pvp server where i baned
a handfull of hackers and muted people being toxic in the chat. I also run my own SMP server that i play on with my friends

What can you add to the server as a Helper?:

I can be active during the morning there for there will be someone to help people that just joined when there might be no staff online.
I enjoy helping other people by helping them claim land or help with commands i also report people for hacking or being toxic in chat
and if i become a helper i can inforce those rules my self without having to get a staff member to join if there are none active
at the moment.

What makes you different from other applicants?:

I belive what makes me different is that i can be alot more active because i dont have a job yet also ive helped people and i know
when someone is cheating there for i can report them if i do manage to get vide evidence and i do not hesitate to give out a punishment
if someone is cheating or saying stuff in the chat that are not ment to be said.

What would you do to make the server a more enjoyable experience?:

I would mostly get rid of the people that grief and build on other peoples bases and the people that come on the server
just to hack on it or inapropriate topics in the chat because i personaly think that peapole would enjoy a community that
is nice to each other and there are no grifers or hackers ruining the game for others.

Would you like to add anything else?:
I dont know if i made this detailed enough for your liking, i made it quite simple so i under stand if you choose to denie this
application, that all thanks for spending your time reading this :)


Active member
Sorry but we decided to deny your application. We appreciate your time and please consider re-applying after the 2 week mark.

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