KobiDogs Builder application


Staff member
Minecraft Username: KobiDog
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Discord Tag: KobiDog#0908
Timezone: central

Approximately how long have you been playing Minecraft? I've played minecraft for about 7 years, started on minecraft PE and moved to Java a few years ago.

Approximately how long have you been playing on Detox Network? I've been playing on detox for about almost 6 months, i joined the server in june 2020

How active are you on the Server? I am very active on the server, i mostly play peaceful but i do play OG a bit.

How active are you on the Discord? I am very active on discord, i use it to talk to people all the time.

How active are you on the Forums? I am very active on forums, i check on it about once a day, unless i forget

Why do you want to become a Builder for Detox Network?

I would like to become a builder on the server because i love building, i'm a very creative person, in real life i really enjoy doing crafts and drawing so in minecraft i really try to add my creativity into minecraft, when i do something i put my 100% effort into my builds, i really love being organized so i try working on block palettes. Im someone who loves working in teams, and will help out in any way i can. I respect and value everyone's opinions and believe everyone can bring something special to any team i'm apart of.

Why do you think you are suitable for this role? I think i'm suitable for this role as I love building, im a very kind person, i am honest, i'm good at team work and i'm responsible as well as creative.

Do you have any previous experience as a Builder? I do not have any experience being a builder for detox.

What type(s) of building style(s) do you excel in, if any? I really enjoy medieval style builds but I also do some modern builds as well as natural builds and terraforming

Extra comments to support your application: if you would like for photos I can send more but forums will only let me submit 10. Also the first castle is my current build it is not done yet.