Helper application


New member
Minecraft Username octo_child_OwO
Discord Tag:B R E A D#3677
Timezone denver, CO (GMT-6)

Which server do you play on? Og or Peaceful? I play on Peaceful
Approximately how long have you been playing Minecraft? 1 year
Approximately how long have you been playing on Detox Network? 2-3 mouths
How many hours are you able to commit to the server a week? about 4 hours a day
How active are you on the Discord? 3 hours a day

Open-Ended Questions

Why do you want to become a Staff Member? I would like to help anyone on the detox network
Why do you think you are suitable for this role? because i knowhow it is to be a noob and i want to help noobs and people that need help
What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? my weakness is annoying people my strengths are puzzles and being chill
Do you have any previous experience as a Staff Member or anything alike? no i have not


Staff member
You have recently been banned on our server so i am going to have to deny your application for the time being. Please do not reapply until you have a clean history of at least one month.