Hello My Name Is ProtismalGame


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Hello, everyone,

I wanted to take the time to introduce myself to this community. I'm A student of Abilene Christian University Majoring in Information Technology Administration 4 year degree but also a US Army Veteran. I server 2 1/2 Years of my term and was discharged with and Honorable Discharge for Medical Reason. I Was in the Singal Corps with my MOS Being a 25Q (Multichannel Transmission Systems Operator-Maintainer) In short words I would work with Sattlelites and Radio Comms. I was born and raised in Abilene, Texas where I went to school and lived my life. I also A Big Gamer Fan as well As Build Computers as a Hobby. The picture I took that is my profile photo was My Beautiful Dog Named Journey. I lost her about 3 weeks ago due to physical health issues I miss her and love her and now she is with all of the other dogs in heaven playing. I'm and Outgoing person to talk and meet. You also can chat and message me in discord if you just want someone to talk to. I hope to meet you all and hope to see you on Detox Network.


IGN: ProtismalGame
Name: Mekil Hawkins