DBD_its_MCs' Builder Application


New member
Base Info
Username: DBD_its_MC

Age: 19
Gender: Male
Discord Tag: Matt Atlas#3182
Timezone: EST

Base Questions

1. - Beginning 2011 I've played Minecraft and I've been doing so since.
2. - Since Late 2019 I've been on Detox, and remained relatively active since joining.
3. - Relatively. 2-3 times per week at most, 3-4 per month at absolute least.
4. - Not very, but that can change at a moments' notice if activity there is needed to become a builder or hold any role for that matter on this server.
5. - Minimally active on forums, but as per stated with answer 4, that can always change if it is required.

Open-Ended Questions

1. - I'd want to become a builder so that I could become part of a community for this server dedicated to creating great builds/works for not only the server and its hubs, areas, etc, but also work on the aesthetic design of the server and its locations/hubs, etc. Being able to work on that and designate this content would be a fun, enjoyable, and peaceful kind of work; one which I believe could be very beneficial for the server as a whole.
2. - I believe I am suitable for this role on behalf of the fact that I've had years of work in real-life architecture, I am extremely acute to detail and focus highly on design, aesthetics, and stylization for all formats of life, including this game. I've been great at building things in games like this for years from my idiosyncratic mentality of requiring anything built to contain a prominent style, design, original format, and creativity which not only stands out but looks good whilst it does so.
3. - I do. I've been a builder for multiple groups on other servers, and I regularly become a good builder for any group of players.
4. - Styles I excel in are anything from contemporary to traditional, midevil, and anything in between the three. I'm great with any style, and with whatever style must be taken, I will be sure to make it happen well, successfully, and ensure the end result to look amazing.
5. - Extra Comments // N/A.






(White/Brown Modern home is very much unfinished in this image. Hence why it looks so bare.)



I wanted to send more, however I'm only allowed to send 10 images per thread. If more is needed, please let me know and I will send more.
P.S. Please look at the land "Coppice" on the detox server. It is my land and I've built everything in that territory. By all means, it would be good to see the builds there to judge my building capabilities, thank you. Take care!