Custom Enchants Tutorial

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Custom Enchants

Custom Enchants (CE’s) are extra enchants that can give you some additional perks to tools and armour. To access the Custom Enchant menu- type /e.

This GUI will then pop up:

There are 4 possible tiers of enchants to purchase. Supreme, Ultimate, Legendary and Mythic. They all cost experience to purchase.

Supreme costs 5,000 experience to purchase.

Ultimate costs 20,000 experience to purchase.

Legendary costs 45,000 experience to purchase.

Mythic costs 100,000 experience to purchase.

Once you purchase one of the enchants, you will be given an item in your inventory that you will need to equip on your hot bar and use like you would a firework. This will reveal which enchant you get. They are totally random. They also have a random percentage rate for success and destruction. Here is an example:

As you can see in this example- this enchant has an 8% chance of successfully being applied to armor, and a 92% chance of being destroyed. To apply the enchant to an item, you simply drag it over the item you wish to enchant. In this case- it is an armor enchant, so you would drag it onto a piece of armor. However, there is a very high chance that the enchant would be destroyed. **CAUTION- IF YOU FAIL THE ENCHANT, IT WILL ALSO DESTROY THE ITEM YOU TRIED TO ENCHANT!!!** However- you are able to purchase dust to increase your chance of success. In order to purchase dust, click on the “Enchant Shop”.

How to use the Enchant Shop

Type /e and click on the bookshelf. Once you open the Enchant shop- you are able to purchase a number of things. This is where you purchase dust to upgrade your Custom Enchant percentage. (Make sure if you are trying to increase a Supreme Enchant you purchase Supreme magic dust, etc.) The dust gives you a random percentage increase on the Custom Enchant, and you simply drag the dust over the enchant to raise the Success percentage. (It is HIGHLY suggested you get the success rate to 100%!!!!). Or- you can purchase a White Scroll for 50,000 that will prevent the item from being destroyed due to a failed Enchantment Book. You put the White Scroll on the item you are trying to enchant, prior to using the CE on it.

You are also able to purchase a Mob Trak Perk for 75,000 that can be applied to a weapon that shows how many mobs you kill, a StatTrak Perk for 100,000 showing you how many people you have killed in PvP and a BlockTrak Perk for 75,000 which shows you how many blocks you have broken with a tool.


Alchemy is where you can combine 2 of the same Custom Enchants. So for example, you have two Haste I books. You can use the alchemist tab to combine the Haste 1 book and make them into a haste II book. It will not change the percentage of success or destroy rate. It simply makes the Custom Enchant book at a higher level.


There is a donate tab (the emerald). When you click on this a menu will pop up. For Custom Enchants- you will want to click the option that says “Items and Perks”. Once there- you will be able to purchase items that will help you with your CE’s. You can buy 5 White Scrolls for $2.50 USD. White scrolls prevent an item from being destroyed due to a failed Custom Enchantment Book. You can also purchase 1 Black Scroll for $2.50 USD. The Black Scroll removes a random custom enchant from an item,. and converts it into a 100% success enchantment book that can be applied to another item.


The tinkerer tab allows you to exchange enchanted armour in for the experience, or you can exchange your custom enchant books for secret dust. Secret dust has a change of making magic dust- which improves the success rate of an enchant.

And there you have it! Hopefully, this helps you understand Custom Enchants a little better- and if you would like to know about each enchant- please click HERE and you will be redirected to the Wiki that explains each enchants. Good luck and have fun!

~ Written by our ex-staff member Roseis
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