CurvedMonster54's Helper Application

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IGN: CurvedMonster54

Age: 12

Discord: τηe ρηατ εlαpηant#6126

Timezone: EST

How many hours weekly can you commit to the server?: I can probably spend 15+ hours a week, though it depends on how busy I am

Any previous staff experience? (Be specific): Unfortunately I don't.

What can you add to the server as a Helper?: I realized that not many staff have been on. The server has tons of new people joining. I think I can help out the fellow staff by helping these new players with any questions. I can very mature. With my ambitious skills. I am ambitious to help this server and make it a better and more enjoyable server for all.(not that it already isn't) I also work well in groups. I have good commutative skills.

What makes you different from other applicants?: Well, I can be very mature and have a very unique personality that can help benefit this server. This server is so much fun so I will have no problem helping others since I know lots about this server. I have good traits that can benefit my success on this server.

What would you do to make the server a more enjoyable experience?: I would make the server more enjoyable for the staff and players. One way I can make the place better for staff is that I can help with the work. If someone has a problem I can help them with the problem. I can make the players experience better by showing support and giving them good tips. I can also give good tips to improve the server as well.

Would you like to add anything else?: Nope that is all, thanks for the opportunity.


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Sorry but we decided to deny your application. We appreciate your time and please consider re-applying after the 2 week mark.

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