Ban Appeal

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User: Bomess574

Original ban: 7/31/20
New ban: 8/3/20

Reason: Major Steal

Explanation: I was totally fine with the 2 week ban I realized I did something wrong, but then I go and check how long I have until Im unbanned and it says permanent. I completely understood the first one, but then make it permanent when this is my first offence...I don't think that's fair.


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Hello, Bomess! You were originally banned by fellow moderator, Fishy. After finding more that you stole, I was the one to change it to a permanent. My reason for doing so was due to the amount that you stole and the things that you did. Among some things you took are mega armor and prestige kits. You also looted at least 40+ dubs worth of cactus and most of Andrago's farms (enough to make you around 10m). In addition our protocol states that all major offenses are a permanent ban, but Fishy was being lenient when he issued the original punishment.
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