Ban Appeal

In-Game Username: WantTaco

Date of Ban: 2/15/21 10:23 (its only 9:30?)

Reason for Ban: Minor steal

Explanation for Appeal: Besides for good deals at the shops idk what was stolen from anyones claim
Hello! So you stole from another staff member about 2 days go. that's the amount of items you stole from a chest that was next to the claim but in the wild because the staff member doesn't have enough money to claim. With the amount you stole it leads to a minor steal.
You really made it sound like you would unban me earlier so I must say that I am both shocked and saddened. whatever will I do for like 2 days. have a good power trip
With how I responded I see no mention from myself that I would unban you. And with how your actions have been showing you clearly show no remorse from stealing from staff. You clearly know the rules if you know about lock/unlock with chest. And due to your actions you will be serving out the rest of your ban.