Ban Appeal

Username: Stealth3117
Date of Ban: 08/02/2021
Reason for Ban: Disallowed modifications (First Offense)
Explanation for Appeal: I do not have any modifications made to my account or laptop/keyboard. I am assuming the reason for my ban was the speed at which I placed vines and blocks while working with Professor _Stonks. The reason for my speed is that I play on laptop and do not use a mouse. Because of that, holding down the button I use to place blocks allows me to place blocks at the rate I am moving. I am assuming this does not qualify as a disallowed modification since my game and computer are not modified in any way.
I'm really really sorry about the wait, I have been taking care of a loved one in real life, so I have been absent.

A player reported you for auto clicking while placing vines, and when I teleported to you, I watched you for several minutes, to see if it was just a high CPS or if it was suspicious. I even attempted to pull this off myself, and had other people try as well. You're placing 2-3 times every single time you click that top vine, because its placing it on every side. The speed you were doing it at is not possible. I have been gaming on different laptops for years on end and I have never heard of "holding down the button i use to place blocks" to allow you to place blocks at that rate.

Here's just one of the videos I recorded of you doing this.