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Date of Ban: (unknown because timezones or something)

Reason for Ban: modified client

Explanation for Appeal: why cant i be nice and give stuff to people and i want to pay some1 their money back because i did a chore for them and they gave money to do that.
Hi, so I'm the moderator who banned you.
You were banned for using a hacked client / disallowed modifications. A player reported to me last night that you came online, speaking openly about using a client. As such, I came online to check it out. I watched you x-ray 3 different spawners. X-ray is a disallowed mod on our server. You logged onto alternate accounts, multiple times. When you got back to your friends, you wrote signs admitting it was you on an alt. Using alts on our server is against our rules, and so is ban evasion via alt. As such, when you are banned and evade it, your alternate is permanent banned, and the ban time on the first account doubles. Your original ban time was 30 days, and if you would have appealed it the first time, we could have spoken about reducing your time. Instead, you proceeded to log on with multiple alternate accounts, which lead to you getting an IP-ban. You were very open about using a client in chat, and when you had first logged on, you were using a client that caused your text to be in unicode. As such, players commented on it, and one tried to get a screenshot and had to pull logs. Due to the fact their PC does not have the correct font installed to read the unicode, it shows up as "?" You can see the other players commenting on it, and telling you to turn it off. You come back online, and openly admit that "switching to a hacked client fixed it."

Evidence follows:

You x-raying:

You asking your friend if they'd like a spawner before you xray it:

Player report of your client modifying your chat:

You, admitting to using the hacked client in public chat.

You, on an alt, admitting to being disgood

You, on another alt, claiming to be disgood

And the list of all the accounts you logged into on your IP to evade your ban

As such, I am denying your appeal because you very obviously are not remorseful for your actions.

You may appeal your appeal again in a month, thank you.
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