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In-Game Username: False_Blade69

Date of Ban: January 21, 2021

Reason for Ban: Chargeback

Explanation for Appeal:

I am so sorry for this, The one only thing I can do about this is if you unban me and give all the stuff back. I also wanted to tell you that I was not the only one who bought everything. My brother Mr.miner charged it on my account because he can’t buy anything on his. The other person was my friend ZPRO_ who wanted me to buy him some stuff. I hope you can understand that I really do love playing your wonderful server and I hope that I can soon get back on to it and start fresh.

False_Blade69 (Crosby Thompson)
im sorry for writing early. I just thought that maybe since that its my birthday I might be my lucky day. And might get unbanned.


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You have already had a recent denied applied so please remember that if you wish to apply in a minimum of 2 months. Do not re-appeal until April 6th ( since you broke the previous ban appeal request ) :)

Creating more ban appeals will result into further punishment
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