Add Witch spawner and guardian spawner and make it so that u can claim anywhere instead of the chunk right next to it

Adding a witch spawner would allow a more easier way to obtain redstone and sticks which is crucial as redstone is very useful. Guardian spawner will allow a more easier way to get prismarine blocks. Currently the only way to get redstone is by mining and prismarine blocks by a naturally spawned guardian temple.

I found that i have a problem with the land claim plugin. It only allows players to claim chunks next to the first chunk that has been claimed. It would be awesome if we can claim anywhere and not needing to connect the chunks together.

For example: i want to claim a pillager outpost but my base is somewhere farther away. I can't claim because it's too far away from my base and either i start connecting the chunks from my base to the pillager outpost or I could just fly there and claim that single chunk if we can claim anywhere without having to worry about connecting the chunks together
Redstone dust, pistons, repeaters etc, can be found at the Market, /warp Shop
Wood logs may also be obtained from there; numerous other items.
(Don't forget about 2nd floor.)

Redstone dust and sticks are very easy to find if you go mining or hunting.
There is like 2 million trees to be chopped down in the wilderness,
/warp Wild
Prismarine can be obtained from /warp Shop or /warp Pshop or from Guardian Temples in the deep ocean.
Guardian spawners will create major lag.
Witch spawner will act like normal mob spawners and not create major lag like guardian will.

With /lands , plugin..
You get 3 land names by default. 50 chunks each.
/l create LandName1
/l create LandName2
/l create LandName3

You can also set spawn for each of them:
First stand on your land where you want your spawn for that land to be.
/l setspawn
If it doesn't let you because you have another Land created.
Then stand on your land that you want to modify and type: /l edit

Then you can /l setspawn

So you may then spawn at your LandName.

/l spawn LandName1
/l spawn LandName2

Your first Land is free including the first chunk whenever you create a land.
The additional chunks cost 15% more per each one you buy.
They must be connected because that is how the plugin works and I doubt staff will change that.
Because that would break a few things in the plugin and land settings programming.
They would have to re-code the entire plugin just to break it.
(This is not the factions plugin where you can claim chunks in random areas.)
(This is close to the factions plugin but it's not like that entirely.)

When you create your 2nd LandName, it'll cost 100,000 coin to create it and your first chunk with it is free.
I have 2 lands currently. One is my main base, the other is a future project.
I have set a spawn at both of them so I can simply go back and forth if I wanted by command.

Land plugin has 4 help pages,
/l help 1
/l help 4

I hope this helped you somehow, good luck and feel free to reply with an update to it if it did or didn't so Staff can chime in if needed.
See you in-game.. : )