_F__’s Helper application

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Timezone:England (gmt-0 I think)

How many hours weekly can you commit to the server?:6-2 hours on weekends and 4-1 hours on school days

Any previous staff experience? (Be specific):
I was a helper on moonpvp which is a factions server and I was co owner on my friend server which had around 100 players and was a kit pvp server it has been shut down though.

What can you add to the server as a Helper?:I can get rid of people that ruin other players experience like combat hackers, griefers, thief’s and anyone who tries to get away with hacking.

What makes you different from other applicants?:
Probably that I’m active and I actually helped the server already by getting 2 hackers banned besides that I have quite a strong connection with the community

What would you do to make the server a more enjoyable experience?:as I said I would get rid of the players who decide to ruin other players experience and i will help new players with the basics like how to claim land or show them farm ideas to build

Would you like to add anything else?:I hope I get accepted because this is the only good survival server that has a strong community and balanced economy also please don’t take my past in this server to consideration when reading this application, that’s all thanks :)


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Sorry but we decided to deny your application. We appreciate your time and please consider re-applying after the 2 week mark.

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