🎃 Halloween Parkour Challenge 🎃


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It's time to stretch those hamstrings and prepare to fall as we present our very first Halloween Parkour Challenge! This is a timed challenge that will consist of 1 map that must be completed from start to finish in the fastest time possible. You may attempt it as many times as you'd like, and only your fastest time will be considered. This challenge will end on Halloween night (10/31 at 11:59PM EST).

Teleport to the Parkour Course in-game by typing /parkour

You must follow these steps in order to quality for the prizes:
  1. 1. Make sure you only have the Speed II effect (given automatically) and NO other potion effects
  2. 2. Do not fly at ANY point in your run!
  3. 3. Record a full video from start to finish showcasing your parkour run and upload it to YouTube
  4. 4. Post your YouTube video link as a comment to this post and include your IGN (Before November 1st)
  5. 5. Profit!
The best 3 parkour times at the end of the month will receive a prize:

#1 - Noble Rank (or similar priced item)
#2 - 5 MEGA Crate Keys
#3 - 2 MEGA Crate Keys

Good luck and have fun!

The numbers after the decimal are NOT milliseconds, they are frames out of 30 FPS.
E.G. my time is not 31.12 seconds as it appears to be. Using the following math..

[(100 milliseconds/30 frames) * 12 frames] = 40 [(millisecond*frames)/frames] = 40 milliseconds

We see my time for this run is 31.40 seconds.