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  1. WolfOfGehenna

    Exp Storage and Bottling

    Im not sure about a plugin for this because ive seen it on modded ftb servers but im wondering if theres a plugin for an exp trap so basically you can setup spawner farms that dont just give you the item but kills the mob to drop the xp and tank it for you which is then collectable, if its...
  2. WolfOfGehenna

    Portable crafting table

    Theres a plugin that lets you create a crafting table on a stick essentially and it would be helpful to players that dont have a donor rank to be able to craft on the go without leaving crafting tables everywhere making the place look ugly.
  3. WolfOfGehenna

    A Creative Server

    So Im not sure about most people but im a build lover and would love some sort of creative space where i could show off my capabilities, you could host build contests with a prize for whoever wins on there selected server or you could use the space to test out designs before you build them in...
  4. WolfOfGehenna

    Server Inventory management and serverwide optional texture pack?

    So i dont know about anyone else but i hate having a messy inventory so i was thinking about maybe a inventory tweaks esk plugin for server wide use if possible it would be cool to see and maybe a prompted texture pack that enhance the look of certain blocks or defines a certain style, its an...
  5. WolfOfGehenna

    Custom Furniture Addon

    Ive been on a lot of servers in my time and a few ive seen have had custom furniture such as chairs and tables not sure what sorta plugin it would need or even if there is one updated enough for the server but it would be something cool to see
  6. WolfOfGehenna

    Morphs and other cosmetic addons

    So with the cosmetic plugin you could add things such as the morph mod and relating to my last post maybe capes that show off your rank and or donor rank, also another cosmetic idea for the server is to allow people to insert files onto paintings to make them fully custom im sure theres...
  7. WolfOfGehenna

    1 Time Donor Rank Kits

    So ive noticed that theres no kit for a donor rank how about a limited kit to the ranks you purchase Not necessarily gear but maybe something of value the higher the rank the more value if the in-game item.
  8. WolfOfGehenna

    WolfOfGehenna's Application

    IGN: WolfOfGehenna Age: 21 Discord: EU|WolfOfGehenna#8346 Timezone: GMT How many hours weekly can you commit to the server?: At Least 14hrs a week Any previous staff experience? (Be specific): I've previously Been a Moderator oh Multiple Feed The Beast servers as well as part of the...
  9. WolfOfGehenna

    WolfOfGehenna's Application

    Hi, My Names Jake, im 21 and from The Uk i'm a regular player on the server and am active most days given unforeseen circumstances of course. i'm applying to become staff to help the team and community, i have previous experience being a member of staff on servers in the past mostly on...