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  1. InstantOwO

    InstantOwO Helper/Mod Application

    Minecraft Username: InstantOwO Age: 19 Discord Tag: Bootylicious (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥#7598 Timezone: CST Which server do you play on? Og or Peaceful?: OG, peaceful and the dev server Approximately how long have you been playing Minecraft?: around 2012 Approximately how long have you been playing on...
  2. InstantOwO

    Server Changelog [8/18/2020]

    Hell everyone o/ its been a very long time sense the last time a change log has been done im going to try and make one of these when everything from small changes to big changes are done and these are some big changes. just wanted to say a big thank you to the staff team and some ex staff for...
  3. InstantOwO


    This is the legendary cowboy of the server he looks over the server to keep people safe no one can hurt the cowboy Peaceful -11 23 39 pshop one CouchF,camshaft711 and bootylicious01