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  1. InstantOwO

    InstantOwO Helper/Mod Application

    Minecraft Username: InstantOwO Age: 19 Discord Tag: Bootylicious (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥#7598 Timezone: CST Which server do you play on? Og or Peaceful?: OG, peaceful and the dev server Approximately how long have you been playing Minecraft?: around 2012 Approximately how long have you been playing on...
  2. InstantOwO

    ban appeal

    /appeal accepted
  3. InstantOwO


    Looking over the proof your appeal is denied. please look over the rules next time at Patrząc na dowód odwołania jest denied.please spojrzeć na zasady następnym razem na (To zostało przetłumaczone z aplikacją, więc tłumaczenie może nie być idealne)...
  4. InstantOwO

    appeal from dave

    Unbanned however if there is anymore griefing or stealing the ban will be perm again /accepted
  5. InstantOwO


    IGN: InstantOwO Discord: Bootylicious (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥#7598
  6. InstantOwO

    SpookBob's Ban Appeal

    After going over it with some other staff we dont believe your story as a lot of it just does not add up with the screenshots we have. as well of what you were doing with all the alts for now this appeal will be denied /denied
  7. InstantOwO

    Discord ban

    Unbanned /accepted
  8. InstantOwO

    Discord ban

    Whats your discord?
  9. InstantOwO

    Catee_the_man's ban appeal?

    Lowered to one day /accepted
  10. InstantOwO

    Catee_the_man's ban appeal?

    This is the place you griefed
  11. InstantOwO

    Catee_the_man's ban appeal?

    I added more time onto your ban because you griefed someones base and you had death threats/stealing on your history
  12. InstantOwO

    Helper Application (A_N_T_)

    Duplicate App /denied
  13. InstantOwO

    uh whaa

    Incorrect Format /denied
  14. InstantOwO

    i think this is how i apply i am wolfgamer093

    Incorrect Format /denied
  15. InstantOwO


    For the time being your appeal is still denied
  16. InstantOwO

    Gang Gang

    Gang Gang
  17. InstantOwO

    Let's Get The Forums Poppin' [Dad Jokes]

    I personally think that beekeeper suits are ugly as hell, but hey... Beauty is in the eye of the beeholder
  18. InstantOwO

    Server Changelog [8/18/2020]

    Hell everyone o/ its been a very long time sense the last time a change log has been done im going to try and make one of these when everything from small changes to big changes are done and these are some big changes. just wanted to say a big thank you to the staff team and some ex staff for...
  19. InstantOwO

    Vewo's Ban Appeal (new and improved)

    Appeal has already been denied in the discord /denied
  20. InstantOwO

    Guess how many!

    Has anyone been within one hundred?