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    IGN: Discord: CosmoIsChad#9999
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    No Alt.

    Unfortunately since you have no evidence in your defense I canโ€™t accept your appeal. Iโ€™ve also waited a long time for you to open a ticket regarding this to no avail. I wish you the best. - Como/ Chad
  3. cosmosmeek

    No Alt.

    Sorry for the latency in response. My reason for taking so long was because, I checked in with the staff team and no one confirmed that you had alerted them of this account. If you have any proof of you directly telling a staff member, or telling someone else to notify us then it'd be highly...
  4. cosmosmeek

    No Alt.

    Hello, gribblysGS! Your nickname voucher doesn't have anything to do in regards to your punishment. The reason you were banned was due to you being shown as an alt account for a player that has also been banned for alts. Evidence Follows If you could provide evidence to this account not...
  5. cosmosmeek

    Stealing ban without a warning

    Hello, tiggerboye! I apologize for the incredibly late reply as your ban has since expired, but I would like to clarify that minor stealing results in a three day ban by protocol. I would have considered handing out warnings due to the fact that you two are seemingly new, although I feel it's...
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    " ยป You must use the correct application format, not doing so will result in instant denial. " Please follow the correct format when applying.
  7. cosmosmeek

    Ban Appeal

    This appeal is being closed due to a lack of response. /denied
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    Server Outdated?

    What version are you guys running?
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    Ban Appeal

    Hello, Bomess! You were originally banned by fellow moderator, Fishy. After finding more that you stole, I was the one to change it to a permanent. My reason for doing so was due to the amount that you stole and the things that you did. Among some things you took are mega armor and prestige...
  10. cosmosmeek

    I was banned for nothing

    Due to a lack of response I am going to be closing this. If youโ€™d like to follow the appeal process again, feel free to open another thread or open a ticket on our discord. /denied
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    LongingRat8065's Ban Appeal

    Sounds good! Unfortunately you'll have to wait out your ban, but we'll be glad to see you back after.
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    Let's Get The Forums Poppin' [Dad Jokes]

    I told a blind man to look at the bright side
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    LongingRat8065's Ban Appeal

    Hello, LongingRat8056! The reason you were banned was due to destroying the grass at Zackland (an area around Flower Horizons) and breaking some other blocks. You were not allowed by anyone I know to do so, hence why you received a punishment. I remind you that griefing is not allowed on Detox.
  14. cosmosmeek

    Banned for griefing

    You also did grief a decent bit of the persons base (not including sugarcane, melons, and pumpkins). In my opinion, I think it'd be best if you wait out your ban so you can return with a better understanding of our rules. This appeal is denied and we will be looking forward to seeing you back...
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    Banned for griefing

    Hello, Smuof! I would like to take this moment to remind you that griefing + stealing is not allowed on Detox. Even if you feel a base is "long forgotten", that does give you permission to destroy and take from it. I understand you are fairly new, but there is sufficient evidence to show that my...
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    Unban Pls

  17. cosmosmeek

    Unban Pls

    Hoco reported you for PVP Bypass. If you took a look at the video you can hear him taking damage (he did not have god on). Unfortunately since he did not want you to kill him and had pvp toggled off, that would be PVP Bypass. Please wait out your ban and we'll be glad to see you again after it...
  18. cosmosmeek

    Unban Pls

    Hello EpicGamer72! Upon reviewing this case I have concluded that you were PVP Bypassing. You stated you jokingly tried to kill him but all evidence points to the fact that Hocotate did not like it. Even if it was a joke, PVP bypassing is not allowed on Detox. (Read Below) I also have...
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    why was i baned

    Hello Tlolgamer! I am not the moderator who banned you, but I have been given permission by them to comment on this. You in fact did steal, and there was a sign stating that taking everything from that chest was considered so. Stealing is not allowed on Detox. I understand you might have not...