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  1. Weasleyistheking

    Minecraft Colour Codes

    Detox's Guide to Colour Codes In chat for colour codes, type the & symbol and then the corresponding number or letter after it. When you are formatting with bold, italic, etc make sure that it goes after the colour code or the formatting will NOT be applied. Reset is also used for after your...
  2. Weasleyistheking

    Guess how many!

    Lets play a little game! The prize is $1mil of in game currency. Guess how many bikes are used in this structure! Send in your guesses in the comments below!
  3. Weasleyistheking

    Gaming Setup

    Lets see what everyone's gaming setups are! Feel free to share below :D:geek:
  4. Weasleyistheking

    Garden Shop

    Come visit my shop at /pwarp tp gardenshop on OG I sell a variety of things, all flowers, dyes not available on the main shop, crops, saplings, leaves, concrete, as well as redstone and building items!
  5. Weasleyistheking

    Pets Post

    Lets see cute pictures of your pets! Post below and spread some love <3
  6. Weasleyistheking

    Weasleyistheking's Builder Application

    Minecraft Username: Weasleyistheking Age: 24 Gender: Female Discord Tag: Weasleyistheking#5642 Timezone: Central Standard Time Approximately how long have you been playing Minecraft? about 9 years Approximately how long have you been playing on Detox Network? 4 months How active are you on the...