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    LordZulch Ban Appeal

    I have accepted your ban appeal.
  2. MCB4

    LordZulch Ban Appeal

    I'm sure the ban was warranted at the time but since this happened so long ago I can't recall exactly what happened but I can assure you that it had nothing to do with your MC username and most likely had to do with the way you were acting in chat or something similar. Since this happened so...
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    Ban apeal

    This has nothing to do with Landon, you griefed Ghostly's beacon and took iron blocks. /denied
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    DeajayMC Discord Ban

    Sorry there was a misunderstanding, you have been unbanned now.
  5. MCB4

    Unban LilBrunito

    You have been unbanned, thanks for changing your username.
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    Portable crafting table

    /craft is already available for rank 9 (IX) and can be paid for with in-game money.
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    Roseis Helper Application

    We have decided to accept your application and believe you'll be a great addition to the team :)
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    LaughingSoul's Helper Application

    We have decided to accept your application and believe you'll be a great addition to the team :)
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    Was reimbursed for the pickaxe. /closed
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    Job Bonus not working.

    Hey lykkis I appreciate your report but the /jobs bonus command is just showing any extra bonuses you have, such as if we gave donors a 2x jobs bonus, you would see that there. Bonuses for leveling up are already factored into the money you receive for your job.
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    Auto farms

    Depending on which server you are on, there are public player warps to many farms, including EXP :) See a list of warps with /pwarp
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    [Official] Detox Network Detailed Rules

    Client Modifications Use of any client modifications that alter gameplay or give a significant advantage are strictly prohibited. Approved modifications and client behaviors include: » OptiFine » Forge » Fabric » Direction HUDs » Minimaps (without entity tracking or cave maps) » Shaders Mods...
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    [Official] Detox Network Detailed Rules

    Detox Network Universal Rules Note: These rules are subject to change without notice. These rules will be enforced by the Staff Team, failure to comply will result in punishment on the server/discord/forums. You are held responsible for your own actions. Saying you didn't know the rules will...
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    I don't know why I was banned?

    You stole Enchanted Books from this chest at /pwarp tp BlazeFarm and items from another chest
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    Betgames needs tweaking

    Due to the fact that it's a casino game, crash is known to be very high risk vs. reward. All other crash games online perform the same way, and it's to prevent massive gains with no drawbacks. It's a very small chance but it's meant to be that way. Nonetheless, thanks for your report :)
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    Fed animals do not respond to player / /nightvision effect "times out"

    Thanks for your report! I will look into these issues very soon :)
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    Flint unsellable

    I am currently looking into this issue right now, thanks for your report! I'll see what I can do :)
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    Custom Enchantments: How To

    To purchase a Custom Enchantment, start by visiting the /enchanter (/e for short) and purchasing an Enchantment Book. You pay for these with EXP: You will then receive a random Enchantment Book from the Tier with randomly defined success/destroy rates. Drag and drop the book on top of your...
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    Just added the command /realname <nick-name> to see players real usernames.
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    TheKingOfBans Helper Aplication

    Denied due to lack of information. Please consider reapplying in 2 weeks.