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  1. DoubleBatman

    Server Down?

    We're currently working to resolve these problems. Thank you for helping us troubleshoot.
  2. DoubleBatman

    Guys what happened here? Where is everyone? Please can someone answer me?

    We're working on bringing things back online! Sit tight, and all will be well soon.
  3. DoubleBatman


    We certainly are working on it! Hopefully it will be back up soon.
  4. DoubleBatman

    I was Banned

    Unprankable01, are you still interested in appealing your ban? The server is becoming more active again.
  5. DoubleBatman

    i want to appeal to go back into game

    You can show your gratitude by proving that we were right to give you another chance.
  6. DoubleBatman

    i want to appeal to go back into game

    EddyHewitt has reviewed your case, and has decided to approve your appeal. We look forward to playing on the server with you, though we will not be lenient again in the future.
  7. DoubleBatman

    i want to appeal to go back into game

    If we were to allow you to play on Detox again, do you understand that you will permanently be on probation? This means that any rule breaches will take into account everything you've done in the past that goes against our rules. Can you please let me know if you would be comfortable with that...
  8. DoubleBatman

    i want to appeal to go back into game

    Please follow this exact format and fill out all necessary information to the best of your ability so we may take proper action. - In-game Username: - Date of Punishment: - Staff Member who issued the Punishment: - Reason for Punishment: - Explanation for Appeal:
  9. DoubleBatman

    Armour Stands

    We have a plugin that allows you to equip things into the hands (and other slots) of armour stands. Grab a flint, and click in the air to start.
  10. DoubleBatman


    I'd encourage you to do your own research. Ask a parent to help you look online for bedrock servers with an economy.
  11. DoubleBatman


    You have the correct IP, but the server does not support Bedrock clients. We'd love to see you in game if you join with a java client.
  12. DoubleBatman


    And to be clear, this is the 1.17.1 Java client (PC)? The Bedrock 1.17.1 client will definitely not work.
  13. DoubleBatman


    Are you connecting with vanilla minecraft, or using a different client?
  14. DoubleBatman


    Bedrock certainly won't work well. Are you having problems connecting from a 1.17 client?
  15. DoubleBatman

    My last thread used the wrong format my bad

    We look forward to considering your application once you turn 14. Please reapply then.
  16. DoubleBatman

    Vanu's Helper application

    We cannot accept your application. Please consider resubmitting once you are 14 years of age.
  17. DoubleBatman

    Official] Ban Appeal Format

    Thank you for submitting your ban appeal here. Please edit your post to follow the correct format, and we will investigate from there.
  18. DoubleBatman

    Laggy Spawners

    It certainly is strange. For better or worse, we aim to have a stable experience for users on the vanilla client. If this becomes an issue outside of third-party launchers/clients, please let us know and we will see what needs to be done.
  19. DoubleBatman

    Claim Improvements

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will bring it to the staff team.
  20. DoubleBatman

    Laggy Spawners

    Hi Toxic. Local FPS is determined by your client, shaders, video settings, and parts of java that we cannot change. You are more than welcome to change your video settings to reduce the particles produced by spawners and in general.