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    Averyf's Ban appeal

    Alternate account of Elliot_Elliot_yt, perm banned user. /denied
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    Final_hero_41 ban appeal

    We don't tolerate this, the ban will stay. /denied
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    Final_hero_41 ban appeal

    You won't be coming back after making two of these.
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    Command: /Shop

    We wanted to keep OG and peaceful different from each other, thus making peaceful's shop a GUI and OG's a walk-in shop.
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    when can MCB4 respond to my appeal?

    The appeal was denied
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    i have been false banned

    Appeal denied. /c
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    pbuh Helper Aplliciation

    Plagiarized application - /denied
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    Ban appeal Duping happens at 3:00. We fixed the dupe since then. Please read the rules, duping/exploiting is not taken lightly:
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    They only take a profession during a certain time of the day.
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    Rules It's in announcements.
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    Ban appeal

    @Jadziaa was the staff member that banned you. They will be with you shortly.
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    PBUH Helper Appliciation

    Begging for your application to be read by a staff member will result in an instant denial. Please consider re-applying in 2 weeks, thank you. /denied
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    PBUH Helper Appliciation

    Please fill out the correct format. /denied
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    Please fill out the correct format. /denied
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    Bogie07's Helper Application

    Sorry but we decided to deny your application. We appreciate your time and please consider re-applying after the 2 week mark. /denied