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    i got banned twice

    Please fill this out so we can help you In-Game Username: Date of Ban: Reason for Ban: Explanation for Appeal:
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    Ban Appeal

    appealing on the discord Approved on discord
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    hello i Cory Harris

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    Live Balance Counter

    This has been added to the server. Thank you for the suggestion!
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    /denied due to improper format.
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    IGN: Weasleyistheking Discord: Weasleyistheking#5642
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    Ban Appeal

    Dealt with on discord but your appeal was approved :)
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    Please make an appeal for your ban under ban appeals :)

    Please make an appeal for your ban under ban appeals :)
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    Discord ban

    Just so you are aware the ban was for advertising an app in a couple different discord channels. Please refrain from doing this again!
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    If you feel you were wrongly banned you can make an appeal ticket in the proper forum. I'm sorry you feel this way.
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    Catee_the_man's helper app 2

    Hello! Please reapply when you have met all the criteria and its been 30d since your last ban.
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    At this time I am going to let you wait out your ban. There is only 2 and a half days left. Please take this time to familiarize yourself with the rules. See you back in 2 and a half days!
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    In the rules it states "Griefing / Stealing is not allowed on any of our servers, whether a player build is claimed or unclaimed. " I would suggest reading the full rules again so something like this doesn't happen in the future...
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    whatsahead's applecation

    Hello, please fill out the correct format of the application and apply when you meet all of the following critera! How to Write a Staff Application Criteria for Applying: ยป You must use the correct application format, not doing so will result in instant denial. ยป You must be at least 13...
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    Hello. You were banned for griefing and stealing 24 different shulker boxes full of items from another players land. This was your 4th time griefing. Everytime you break the rules the punishment also gets more harsh. In the rules it states that stealing and griefing is not allowed. Is there a...