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  • So during the summer, we can have a crate that you can get items from like it was an event crate but for summer and the type of the armor and tools could be yellow dyed leather armor and tools that can be whatever the staff think would be good to use but here would be the armor and tool' names:
    Helmet: Summer Cap
    Chestplate: Shortsleeve
    Leggings: Shorts
    Boots: Flipflops
    So for the those of you peoplz who are interested in open loot and drop partys, I
    got something planned on December 30 or 31 I am going to be giving out adept armor to celebrate my 1 Anniversary on drtox. If you support this event, Help is greatly appreciated, I am starting to stock up on adept armor and tools until the due date, and after the party is over, all of the left over armor and tools, will go to the new
    <continuing> players who join detox, if they want the stuff. If you are interested in helping contact me here or let me know in-game, OK? Have fun Detoxers. šŸ˜Š
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