How do I join the server?

Connect to our Minecraft server by joining our multiplayer IP:
We support premium minecraft players only with versions 1.8-1.14 but we highly recommend the latest version: 1.14.4

What are the official server rules?

All in-game server rules, restrictions and punishments are outlined here

How do I earn money on the server?

We use virtual gold as our in-game currency for everything besides cosmetics.
Earn gold through selling items with /sell or trading with other players.

How do I level up my rank in-game? (I, II, III, etc)

Use /rankup once you have enough gold to do so for extra features and a unique daily kit. For detailed information
on each rank, type /ranks. Additional ranks and items that can't be purchased in-game are available at our store

How do I connect my in-game username and rank to the website?

Login to our server and run the command /link. Then click the link in chat to connect your Minecraft
account! This will display your Minecraft avatar and a donation rank if you have one.